Our Story

Our story begins on Lake Victoria in the year 2010. Two entrepreneurs
with no kids and full of ambition, one from Colorado and the other from
North Carolina, cross paths as part of a group exploring the wilds of
Africa. We struck up the kind of conversation you would expect from two
such fellows inspired by the wonders of a unique land. Being true to our
self-professed entrepreneurial natures we didn’t let it rest and that was
the beginning of what would eventually become Good Bru.
With Steve taking up full residency in Tanzania and Gabe working on
food related technologies in North Carolina, we first sought to bring the
benefits of Combretum micranthum, kinkaliba, to America. Interestingly,
after much research, we found that kinkaliba was higher in highly prized
epicatechin’s than green tea or cacao.
Although the economics of starting a kinkaliba extract business was out
of our reach, we did find ourselves delving deeper into the world of
nutrition and the idea that people should be putting goodness into that oh
so loved morning ritual of drinking coffee. Eureka!.......kind of.

By 2013 Steve was somehow finding a way to have kids traveling
back and forth from his business in Africa to see his wife, while
Gabe was working on more sustainable seafood technologies and
working with a cardiac psychologist on a mobile app called ICD
It wasn’t till 2013 that Agave Shot was born (known to about 12
people in the world haha). Agave Shot was the true predecessor
to Good Bru and the synbiotic brainstorm. Morning routine +
prebiotic fiber + probiotic + antioxidant + syrup. What could go
wrong? Well you try to pack 5g of fiber into 10g of syrup! Back to
the drawing board!
Finally, in 2020 (a little worse for wear financially but still full of
entrepreneurial passion) the breakthrough happened! The probiotic market that was blossoming in 2013 is now in full bloom and the combination of
these ingredients were perfect for coffee!
We’re really excited about Good Bru. Research shows good health
starts in our gut. We think Good Bru will have
massive positive change for our customers. Agave inulin is a
prebiotic that supports good gut flora and is also a good source of
fiber! This synbiotic relationship means Good Bru is delivering the
market leading probiotic, BC30, in the most effective way.
“Speaking of my own experience”, Steve says, “my energy level
and mental clarity has been off the charts. I really feel fantastic
and look forward to being a life-long user.”
The early data and the observations from our own team has left us
eager to share the discovery with everyone else. Now if we can
get Steve to stop eating all of the samples we might actually be
able let the rest of the world experience the journey…and
hopefully do a little good along the way!

L i v e l i f e !
The Good Bru Guys